Our Educators

Dedicated, passionate and committed to Wee Wonders’ mission of inspiring children to wonder, many of our staff have been here a long time. Some have been involved in the centre for decades. We’ve had families that have been here for 11 years and all their children have had the same main carers looking after them. It’s this consistent quality in our staff that makes Wee Wonders stand out from the crowd.

Wee Wonders always has qualified Educators, many with degrees, working with good ratios to achieve best outcomes.

Wonderful… Educators

SHERRY PENGWee Wonders Approved Provider, Degree qualified (B.Teaching EC)
I was born in Shanghai China. I came to Australia with my husband in 2001 and have been working in early childhood since then. I have two kids, a boy and a girl…

I completed my diploma of Children’s Services in 2003 and then a Bachelor of Early Childhood in 2009. I love working with children. It is both challenging and fulfilling. I believe every child deserves to receive quality and meaningful learning experiences to support their development. I ensure I pay special attention to their strengths and abilities, supporting them to develop more complex skills.  I strongly believe that children are capable and competent learners, who need to be  supported in their journey to reaching their full potential. I promote multiculturalism and help the children understand and respect similarities and differences among people, so they can contribute to creating a socially cohesive society. I am committed to providing a calm yet stimulating environment to both educators and children, as well as developing a close relationship with the families at Wee Wonders.

MARNEY CRANFIELDDirector, Nominated Supervisor, Educational Leader, Preschool Educator, Degree qualified (B.Teaching EC)
I started at Wee Wonders in 2001 – so I’ve been here for more than two decades now! I have a young son and love every minute with him…

I’m an only child and I grew up in Mascot. I have a big extended family that lives in both the Central and South Coast. Before starting my job at Wee Wonders I completed my HSC at JJ Cahill Memorial High School. Through my high school years I studied Exploring Early Childhood. I had a lot of hobbies including: dancing, acting, swimming and art — just to name a few.  Dancing was my main hobby and I participated in many competitions over a 16 year period. Performing at the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics was the biggest dancing thrill I had. Having thousands of people shouting “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” as I tapped my way down the stairs was amazing!

I have wanted to be a childcare worker for as long as I can remember and I’m so happy that I found this warm, loving environment. I started at Wee Wonders as a trainee the day I turned 18. I completed my Certificate III and Diploma and then in 2013 I completed my Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood.

I really look forward to starting with my new little group each year and caring for them and teaching them. I don’t look forward to saying goodbye though, and seeing another group of my babies go off to school… Can’t we just keep them forever?!

I would like to thank Siobhan, Josie (Nan), and Patrick (Pa) for giving me the opportunity and guidance over the last 20 years to help me become the childcare worker I am today. Each year here at Wee Wonders I have learnt and grown as a person and I believe I have Siobhan to thank for this as she is a wonderful role model. Thank you also to Sherry for taking over and believing in me and giving me the opportunity to continue doing what I love. I love working here and love working with your children and having a family in my workplace, too.

RASHEEDA PLUMB Toddler Educator-Responsible Person, Degree qualified (B.Teaching EC)
Hello! My name is Rasheeda. I’ve been an early childhood teacher for more than 15 years…

I’m very happy to have returned to Wee Wonders, where I used to teach the toddler group before a stint living with my family in NYC. It’s so great to be back with the wonderful educators at Wee Wonders. I’m passionate about Early Childhood education and programming play-based, child-driven intentional teaching experiences that promote the development of strong foundations in problem solving, communication, self-esteem, socialisation, independence and creativity.

I’m also a mum of three Wee Wonders graduates, who are all at big school now!

Besides spending time with my family, I also love food and cooking, yoga, the beach, knitting and travel.

I’m excited to be back with the toddler group, meeting all the children and families and creating collaborative partnerships.

HAYLIE PSAILA Educator, Diploma & Certificate III qualified (Teaching EC)
Hi! My name is Haylie. I started my career at Wee Wonders by doing a traineeship in 2007. During that time I received my Certificate 3 and then my Diploma…

I left Wee Wonders in 2013 to have my first daughter and enjoyed staying home with her. In 2015 I had my second daughter.

In my spare time, I love to create memories with my own children and enjoy a great coffee and a good day trip.

Now that both of my children are at school, I’ve felt confident about returning to work as an early childhood educator knowing I can now give 100 per cent to your children, while also bringing a new understanding with me, as a parent myself!

I am passionate about the development of children in their early years and about planning and providing education and care for them during this time. I believe it is important for children to be stimulated with a variety of activities to introduce new concepts and extend on their interests as well as being shown love and warmth while they are in my care.

There is no better reward at the end of each year to know that I have been partly responsible for the growth of each child.

ALYSSA DELL ’AQUILA Preschool Assistant Educator-Responsible Person, Certificate III qualified (Teaching EC)
My background is Italian. Mum is from the South and Dad from the North. I was born in Sydney and have a younger sister…

Before I started high school I knew that I’d love a career involving children. I completed year 12 in 2019 and enrolled in TAFE to do a Cert III in Early Childhood Education and Care. When I was offered to do an apprenticeship at Wee Wonders I was thrilled. I knew it was the type of environment I would love to work in. My time here is filled with great care and support from the staff, beautiful children who are wonderful to be around and meeting lovely parents.

I’m now working towards my Early Childhood and Care Diploma. In my spare time I enjoy socialising with my friends and family, going out for lunches, cooking and shopping. My hobby (now obsession) is sewing which started when I spontaneously bought a sewing machine after wanting one for so long. I now can’t stop buying fabrics or cheap clothes and sewing them into something different.

FINN WRIGHTToddler Assistant Educator, Diploma & Certificate III qualified (Teaching EC)
Hello, my name is Finn but you can call me ‘Big Finn’ if you like – that’s what the kids call me! I was a Wee Wonders graduate myself in 2005…

After I graduated high school in 2017 I came back to Wee Wonders to work towards my Certificate III and my Diploma.

I’ve been a competitive rugby player over the years. I’ve had the honour of representing my country by playing rugby union for the Australian Schoolboys in 2017 and also been a shadow in the Junior Wallabies in 2019.

I left Wee Wonders at one point to pursue rugby full-time. I went to Canberra to play with the Brumbies Academy, Brumbies Runners, and after a couple of years down there I had the pleasure of playing in a professional side in Ireland in the URC competition at Connacht Rugby in Galway.

It’s great being back in Sydney and back at Wee Wonders. It’s a place I love to work. I look forward to getting to know you all and to giving your children all the love and care they need to grow up big too!

IMALI DE SILVANursery Assistant Educator, Certificate III qualified (Teaching EC)
My Name is Imali and I have a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education. I moved here from Sri Lanka and started working at Wee Wonders…

I worked at Wee Wonders for a number of years before I had my first child my son Pamu. I then returned to work with Pamu and continued working until I had my second child Chloe.

I love being at Wee Wonders as I feel like this is my family in Australia. The team here give the children the best start possible by providing them with the best education and care.


CHRISTINE YINGToddler Assistant Educator, Certificate III qualified (Teaching EC)
Hi my name is Christine. I am of Chinese, Filipino and Spanish heritage…

I was born in Tokyo, Japan. Not long after my birth, my family moved to Hong Kong. We spent 12 years there and moved to Australia just before my twelth birthday. Once we moved here, my mother decided to study Early Childhood teaching. As a teenager, I would often come and meet my mum here at Wee Wonders after school. During this time I met Marney and Rasheeda, who were both working with my mum.

Once I finished school not knowing what career I was going to take on, I decided to try Early Childhood education. In 2009, I started my traineeship for Cert 3. At that time, I also met Haylie and Imali and continued on working for 6 years. I moved on to try other careers, but my heart has always bought me back to Wee Wonders to once again work with Marney, Rasheeda, Haylie and Imali.

JANET TAPUNUU Nursery Assistant, trainee
Hello, my name is Janet. I am of Polynesian background and come from a big family…

I live with my fiancé and we are getting married this year. I love working with children and look forward to studying and achieving a Certificate 3.

I love to watch the babies develop and grow and to see how much they are learning. My hobbies include going to the gym and community activities with my church.