Our Educators

Dedicated, passionate and committed to Wee Wonders’ mission of inspiring children to wonder, many of our staff have been here a long time. Some have been involved in the centre for decades. We’ve had families that have been here for 11 years and all their children have had the same main carers looking after them. It’s this consistent quality in our staff that makes Wee Wonders stand out from the crowd.

Wee Wonders always has qualified Educators, many with degrees, working with good ratios to achieve best outcomes.

Wonderful… Educators

SHERRY PENGWee Wonders Approved Provider & Director, Degree qualified (B.Teaching EC)
I was born in Shanghai China. I came to Australia with my husband in 2001 and have been working in early childhood since then. I have two kids, a boy and a girl…

I completed my diploma of Children’s Services in 2003 and then a Bachelor of Early Childhood in 2009. I love working with children. It is both challenging and fulfilling. I believe every child deserves to receive quality and meaningful learning experiences to support their development. I ensure I pay special attention to their strengths and abilities, supporting them to develop more complex skills.  I strongly believe that children are capable and competent learners, who need to be  supported in their journey to reaching their full potential. I promote multiculturalism and help the children understand and respect similarities and differences among people, so they can contribute to creating a socially cohesive society. I am committed to providing a calm yet stimulating environment to both educators and children, as well as developing a close relationship with the families at Wee Wonders.

MARNEY CRANFIELDNominated Supervisor, Educational Leader, Educator, Degree qualified (B.Teaching EC)
I’ve been at Wee Wonders since 2001. I’m an only child and I grew up in Mascot. I have a big extended family that lives in both the Central…

and South Coast. Before starting my job at Wee Wonders I completed my HSC at JJ Cahill Memorial High School. Through my high school years I studied Exploring Early Childhood. I had a lot of hobbies including: dancing, acting, swimming and art — just to name a few.  Dancing was my main hobby and I participated in many competitions over a 16 year period. Performing at the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics was the biggest dancing thrill I had. Having thousands of people shouting “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” as I tapped my way down the stairs was amazing!

I’ve wanted to be a childcare worker for as long as I can remember and I’m so happy that I found this warm loving environment. I started at Wee Wonders as a trainee the day I turned 18.  I always really look forward to starting with my new group each year, and caring and teaching them for their first years is so rewarding. I’m always sad to see another group of my kids head off to big school… Can’t we just keep them forever?!

I would like to thank Siobhan, Josie (Nan), and Patrick (Pa) for giving me the opportunity and guidance to help me become the childcare worker I am today. Each year here at Wee Wonders I’ve learnt and grown as a person and I believe I have Siobhan to thank as she’s a wonderful role model. I love working here and working with your children and having a family in my workplace, too.


HOLLY WILKESCertified Supervisor, Educator, Degree qualified (B.Teaching EC)
I’m an only child, born in Sydney. Ever since I was in Primary School I always wanted to work with children. I’ve always been a bit of a “big kid”. I have…

completed my Diploma of Community Services (Children’s Services) and started work at Wee Wonders as soon as I finished TAFE (2003).

I enjoy playing Hockey as a sport. I play twice a week and love to be out in the sun when I’m not shopping or driving around in my car…

While working at Wee Wonders I’ve completed a Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood Education by correspondence at the University of New England.

I’ve been at Wee Wonders for two decades and I’m looking forward to many more wonderful years in the Wee Wonders community.

ALYSSA DELL ’AQUILA Educator, Certificate III qualified (Teaching EC)
My background is Italian. Mum is from the South and Dad from the North. I was born in Sydney and have a younger sister…

Before I started high school I knew that I’d love a career involving children. I completed year 12 in 2019 and enrolled in TAFE to do a Cert III in Early Childhood Education and Care. When I was offered to do an apprenticeship at Wee Wonders I was thrilled. I knew it was the type of environment I would love to work in. My time here is filled with great care and support from the staff, beautiful children who are wonderful to be around and meeting lovely parents.

I’m now working towards my Early Childhood and Care Diploma. In my spare time I enjoy socialising with my friends and family, going out for lunches, cooking and shopping. My hobby (now obsession) is sewing which started when I spontaneously bought a sewing machine after wanting one for so long. I now can’t stop buying fabrics or cheap clothes and sewing them into something different.

SAMUELA LEOTTA Educator, Diploma qualified (Teaching EC)
My name is Samuela, but everyone calls me Sam. I was born and raised in Italy. I have one big sister and I’m the youngest in my family…

I came to Australia in 2017. I initially came for a one year but found love and married a Chinese Australian!

I’ve recently completed my Diploma in Early Childhood Education. In my free time I love to travel, learn new languages and dance. I enjoy spending time outdoors and always like to try new things, especially food and sports.

I’m really loving my time at Wee Wonders and I’m learning a lot from both the children and the other educators.

ELLA LENNON Assistant/Trainee
Hi! I’m Ella. I was born in Sydney and have Irish and New Zealand heritage. I come from a family of six and have three siblings, all sisters. I was a graduate of Wee Wonders in 2007, along with my sisters and cousins…

I have a strong relationship with all my sisters, especially my youngest sister. I’m passionate about netball. I started playing when I was 7 years old and still do today.

I completed my HSC in 2020. Through my last years of school I volunteered as a helper in the IEF (Inclusive Education Faculty) which made me realise how much I love spending time with kids and that inspired me to become an Early Childhood Educator. I’m currently working towards my Certificate III in Early Childhood and my future goal is to achieve my Diploma.

I love working at Wee Wonders and watching the kids grow up in front of my eyes. I think it’s amazing! And I can’t wait for many more years to come.

SAPANA YONJANEducator, Degree qualified (B.Teaching EC)
My name is Sapana Yonjan. I’m from Nepal. I came to Australia to study Early Childhood Education and Care and I’m about to finish my degree at TAFE. My experience in Australia has led me to realise how much I love this country…

The places here are extremely beautiful and mesmerising and I’ve met so many beautiful people who are incredibly kind.

At the moment, I’m completing my work placement at Wee Wonders, and I absolutely love it here. The educators are all extremely helpful in the guidance they give me. In the future, I’m hoping to learn many things at Wee Wonders and become a great educator.


IMALI DE SILVAEducator, Certificate III qualified (Teaching EC)
My Name is Imali and I have a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education. I moved here from Sri Lanka and started working at Wee Wonders…

I worked at Wee Wonders for a number of years before I had my first child my son Pamu. I then returned to work with Pamu and continued working until I had my second child Chloe.

I love being at Wee Wonders as I feel like this is my family in Australia. The team here give the children the best start possible by providing them with the best education and care.


GWEN MARGABOEducator, Degree qualified (B.Teaching EC)
My name is Gwen. When I was younger, I always dreamt of being an early childhood educator. I’ve been in this profession for nearly two decades now…

I taught in the Philippines and Singapore before I moved to Australia in 2016 to complete my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care, which I completed in 2019.

I believe that each child is unique and develops at their own pace with the help of responsive and caring adults. I ensure that I build a good, respectful and secure relationship with the children.

I appreciate the value of play-based education because play enhances the children’s different learning domains: cognition, socio-emotional and physical skills. I like singing and dancing, and I enjoy sharing my passion for music with the children. I believe creative arts experiences are essential for their growth and development.