Our Food Philosophy

We believe you truly are what you eat at Wee Wonders. That is why healthy eating is of the absolute importance to us. Good nutrition builds healthy bodies and minds and gives children the best start to a lifetime of wellbeing and vitality.

With many children in long day care receiving 50 – 70 per cent of their food intake while in care, it’s crucial that good choices are being made regularly. And what better way to encourage consistently good nutritional choices than by supporting families to explore the fundamentals of adequate nutrition?

This food philosophy has led us to pursue a proactive, family-centred approach to food. At Wee Wonders we don’t buy, store or cook food for the children, instead families pack a nutritious lunchbox each day and transport it in a “Fridge To Go”, which keeps the food at the correct temperature for eight hours.

When the lunchbox travels home at the end of the day parents can easily see exactly what their child has eaten, how much and what they’ve avoided. This allows a complete food picture so parents can adequately fill any nutritional gaps during mealtimes at home.

Mealtimes at Wee Wonders are a happy, social and relaxed affair. We never present food within the context of a punishment, reward or bribe, and force feeding of any kind is absolutely outlawed. Instead, we focus on the establishment of healthy eating habits and incorporate key nutritional messages in fun ways into our teaching programs.

Wee Wonders provides water and milk as the only beverages throughout the day and children also receive two serves of fruit.

Packing a wonderful lunchbox can be a pleasure! Explore our Lunchbox Ideas page for exciting food options that are sure to whet your child’s appetite and inspire their imagination.