Wee Wonders is an excellent daycare provider. We were living in walking distance and recently moved away from Kensington, but will continue to send our boys to Wee Wonders even though it is on the opposite direction to our respective workplaces. The teachers genuinely care about their students, they are completely student centred. Every time I have dropped off or picked up my child I only ever see happy, smiling children. They create a beautiful environment for their pupils. I know that my babies are safe and cared for. The educational programs are tailored, and one on one attention is given to each child to ensure they are working towards developmental outcomes. My children are so happy to go to daycare each day. We are so thankful that we found Wee Wonders! I recommend this centre to everyone I know.

Tam, Wee Wonders parent

I have a lot of experience with childcare centres around Australia, both through work and with both my children. Hand on heart, Wee Wonders is by far the best. You will not find a more caring, supportive, passionate, and dedicated centre. The programs are thorough, backed by early childhood research and tailored for individual needs. The facilities are immaculate and homely. Communication is constant and detailed and there are plenty of opportunities for parent involvement and exposure to various family practices and cultures. Most of all, the staff are genuine in their love of children and it shows – my son feels safe and secure and is always happy when I pick him up. There is no better environment for him to grow, learn and play. Wee Wonders is family. We feel so fortunate to have found them.

Anna, Wee Wonders parent

We came to Wee Wonders following the closure of our previous centre and my two sons transitioned well. The centre is exceptionally well run, the care is second to none. The team are very easy to speak to and communication is very open, either via calls, emails, childcare app or in person. They want the best for the children in their care and go to great lengths to accommodate needs and interests. My eldest son is heading to primary school in 2022 and he is well prepared thanks to Marney, Sherry and the team.

Bron, Wee Wonders parent
It is a real privilege to witness the team of leaders and carers you have developed in action each day. Four years on, I now fully comprehend the influence you have all had on our daughter Harriette and how she will take the legacy of Wee Wonders confidently into the rest of her life.
Ben, Wee Wonders parent
We acknowledge the love, care, protection, guidance and teaching you provide to our little girl every day and we honestly can’t imagine there could be a better place, anywhere, for Lily to be while we’re at work – there’s certainly nowhere else we’d want her to be!
Clare, Wee Wonders Parent
We have found the centre great for the social development of our son and the staff very patient. Due to the lack of staff changes he has been lucky enough to enjoy seeing the same familiar faces every time he has been there over the past 18 months.
Wee Wonders Parent
We are very happy. Excellent childcare – way above average!
Wee Wonders Parent
We are quite happy with the values being instilled. We have peace of mind that our children are well and safe.
Wee Wonders Parent
All the staff at Wee Wonders have been a positive force in my son’s life and he feels welcome, safe and stimulated.
Wee Wonders Parent
Wee Wonders has to be the best centre I have come across. For my child to see a staff member out in public and sprint into their arms for a kiss just shows the love and care that they are surrounded with when they are in their care. The staff go above and beyond to make everyone welcome and happy – kids and parents.
Wee Wonders Parent
My son has been attending Wee Wonders for over a year now and the high standard of operation, care and education have been maintained faultlessly during this period. As a result I have real confidence in the staff and centre. As a mother, this is deeply reassuring. The director sets very high standards not only for staff and children but for the parents as well! Consequently, we are all involved in the educational process and are all learning together. The centre exudes warmth and inspiration and I have no doubt that Wee Wonders provides a safe and nurturing environment for my son.
Wee Wonders Parent
I am extremely happy with the level of care that is given to my two children who attend Wee Wonders. It is rare in the childcare system that there is no staff turnover, but there has been none at the centre since my children have attended. The centre is keeping staff happy, which in turn keeps the children happy.
Wee Wonders Parent
We are extremely happy with Wee Wonders. Our daughter has been going there for over a year and we feel very safe and comfortable that she is well looked after in all aspects. She loves Wee Wonders and feels very much loved there. Sometimes she doesn’t want to go home and on the mornings before we leave home to go to Wee Wonders she tells me all her teachers and friends names.
Wee Wonders Parent
Wee Wonders has a relaxed, safe and friendly feel from the moment you walk in the door. I always feel comfortable leaving my child in their care. The staff are friendly and truly know your child – giving you honest feedback. I never worry throughout the day about my child. He is always happy when we pick him up.
Wee Wonders Parent
My daughter Isabella started at Wee Wonders when she was 22 months. I had visited several childcare centres without feeling comfortable about leaving her. When I went to visit Wee Wonders on the recommendation of a friend I felt I had found the centre that would suit us. The commitment and interest of the staff in my child and all the children is something I did not see elsewhere. Part of the reason I believe Wee Wonders is successful in creating a harmonious environment for the children is the family atmosphere created by Siobhan and her mother Josephine. This for me is special and I know other parents feel the same.
Emma-Kate, Wee Wonders Parent
My son Addison has been cared for by the staff at Wee Wonders for 18 months. Wee Wonders has provided exceptional and quality childcare like no other, from the warm and friendly staff to the extremely organised and motivated management. The centre constantly introduces new activities and programs which creates a happy learning environment, and in turn keeps the children interested and stimulated. Most importantly the staff are genuinely concerned about each and every child’s development and progress and carefully recommend improvement where necessary. My son is happy and enjoys his days at Wee Wonders. He is also developing in leaps and bounds and I owe this to Siobhan and her staff.
Rie-Anne, Wee Wonders Parent
There are really no words to describe the depth of appreciation and love we have for Wee Wonders and all the beautiful staff who have been such a very big part of our children’s lives. Eliza, Tom and Sarah have been enriched with the love, respect and nurturing they have received from each of you over the last ten and a half years. As parents, you want the best for your children and I know that ours have had the best start to life within the beautiful, secure environment of Wee Wonders.
Marc & Lisa, Wee Wonders Parents
Wee Wonders has been a vital part of the development of our boys into lovely school boys. We thankyou for all your care and commitment from their infancy. Our boys have always felt valued and cared for and go to school with a strong self worth and respect for others. The world is a better place for the children Wee Wonders is helping to produce!
Sonia & Andy, Wee Wonders Parents
From the moment we walked into Wee Wonders many years ago we felt welcomed, but more importantly comfortable that Polly, and then Jed, were happy and safe. You have been a major part of our children’s upbringing for the past seven years and for that we are very thankful. You have loved, nurtured and taught them more than we ever expected. When Polly started school the principal asked where she went to kindy – they were so impressed! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!
The O'Donovans, Wee Wonders Parents
I can’t tell you how lucky and grateful we feel that Hugo has been welcomed so warmly into the Wee Wonders community. We could not hope for a better environment for him during these early years. All your educators are without exception wonderful, caring and generous souls who always go far beyond what we expect of them. During Hugo’s time at Wee Wonders we have seen him develop into a genuinely caring individual and we feel your staff have played a major role in this. They have also nurtured his personal interests and encouraged his curiosity enormously, and are no doubt laying firm foundations for a lifetime love of learning.
Helen, Wee Wonders Parent